Branded Mamra

Health Benefits

Mamra Almonds are rich source of proteins,minerals& vitamins. Mamra Almonds boost Memory Power in children and prevents coronary artery disease.It is recommended for women at the time of pregnancy.

How to Select and Preserve

While buying, select for Mamra that are bright brown color,compact and uniform in size. They should be free from spots and rancid smell.

It is advisable to preserve them in airtight containers and stored in the refrigerator to avoid them turn rancid.

How to Enjoy

It is highly recommended to have a handful of Mamra Almonds and Walnuts by children to boost their memory.

Pregnant Women can have few Mamra in the morning which were previously soaked in water overnight.Mamra with a glass of milk  can be a healthy replacement for meals or snacks.

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