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About Us


Why Us ?

Kharawala Products, a legacy of more than 35 years are importer and wholeseller of Dryfruits with processing and packing unit spread over 3 shop cum godowns at APMC Market Vashi.

From being Importers to Exporters, Wholesellers to Retailers, Brand Owners to Private Label Packers, Kharawala’s is a one stop shop for everyone into Dryfruits.

Our Activities

We source, process and trade organic and conventional food ingredients from
all over the world, making sure that you’re getting the
best quality at a fairest price.


Our experienced traders continuously monitoring the markets through our representatives and agents over the world to source the best quality products at the right time.


Kharawala being an importer and traders for over 35 years , can be your trusted partner to after you analysis about the product, its trade insights. To know more, join our no spam group.


From sales to operations, all of our team is working close to satisfy your needs and guarantee integrity and traceability to the source.


Our experienced Operations Department have an ability to deliver your order wherever you require, from one pallet to full container loads.


Working at Kharawala’s

Mr. Shailesh Kharawala, the brain child behind this Empire had a humble start with just Indian Raisin and now deals in all Dryfruits from all parts of the world.
He looks after the procurement of Indian products and local sales . Mr. Siddharth Kharawala, his son, while doing his MBA in Family Business from SPJain, developed the Import of Indian Dryfruits and Spices to the other parts of the world. He successfully multi tasks the Exports of Agro products, Import of Dryfruits from different parts of the world and packing and processing unit at Kharawala s. Mrs. Rinki Chandawala, daughter of Mr. Shailesh Kharawala a Chartered Accountant by qualification, handles the corporate sales and marketing at Kharawala s.

Processing Unit

At Kharawala s, we have an in-house cracking, roasting salting, processing and packing unit at APMC Market in Vashi. In 2020, we doubled our production capacity with an additional setup. We do cracking of Almonds and Walnuts, packing of our branded range of products, roasting salting of nuts and seeds and also private label packing at our setup.
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