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2426 Irani Pista

Health Benefits

Pistachios are delicious tree nuts recognized for their wholesome nutrition properties. Together with walnuts,almonds, and cashew, they offer good sources of protein, fats, and minerals to inhabitants living around otherwise dry and arid regions of Central, West and South Asia.

How to Select and Preserve

While buying Pistas look for healthy, compact, uniform, off-white, inshell nuts that feel heavy in hand. They should be free from cracks other than the natural split, mold, spots, and of rancid smell. Pistas should be placed in air tight container to retain shelf life. .

How to Enjoy

Pistas can be enjoyed as they are or salted and roasted. Pistachios are favourite amongst Mithaiwalas and Chefs for sprinkling over salads, desserts and fruit milkshakes.

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